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Just in for 1/3/24

Hey hey! Small update today, built 2 uppers for the shelf. Both are rather standard but are a good start to your AR adventure. Few new items and lines added to the shelf.


We are starting to carry Sons Of Liberty Gun Works receivers and parts in store. Superb quality both in machining and finish, some of the best on the market today. We've had excellent luck with them recently and decided to just have them on hand. They are not cheap in general but they are not over priced either.

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Soul Snatcher Receiver Set
Sons Of Liberty Gun Works Soul Snatcher Receiver Set


A couple of new assembled uppers are on the shelf now. (assembled = no BCG/charging handle)

Assembled 5.56 upper

Anderson Upper, Diamondback 16" 5.56 Black Nitride Barrel, ACE 13.5" handguard, standard bird cage flash hider, forward assist, ejection port cover

Assembled 5.56 upper with Anderson barrel

Anderson Upper no forward assist, Anderson 16" 5.56 black nitride barrel, UTG Pro 14" Arwen handguard, quick swap polymer ejection port cover, Pro comp/brake/flash hider combo muzzle device.

Feel free to email, call, comment, or stop in to get more info or purchase.


When was the last time you considered upgrading your BCG? Our selection of BCGs are growing each week! We now have Phase 5 Weapon Systems BCGs in stock, these are coated in phosphate with chrome lined interior for superior oil retention, slickness, and extremely reduced friction. We are also starting to carry Fail Zero EXO nickel-boron BCGs boasting some of the slickest and least friction coatings on the market. Stop in and talk with us about BCGs, they are the heart of a rifle after all.

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