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For this Raffle, the randomly chosen 1st place winner gets to choose between 3 different items! 2nd place gets one(1) free ticket into the next raffle, and 3rd through 62nd wins a BDA sticker pack!

The 1st place prize items to choose from are:

  • Howa 300prc bolt action with Houge overmold stock, 4-12 scope, threaded barrel
  • Canik Mete SFX 9mm full size 5.25" barrel handgun. Easily the best handgun under $1000
  • Complete AR-15 Upper chambered in 5.56, 13.5" handguard, includes flip up iron sights

Raffle #3 Howa 300prc, Canik METE SFX, AR15 5.56 complete upp

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