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For this Raffle, the randomly chosen 1st place winner gets to choose between 4 different items! 2nd place wins a nifty little range gear package, 3rd place one(1) free ticket into the next raffle, and 4th through 50th wins a BDA sticker pack!

The 1st place prize items to choose from are:

  • PSA Rock 5.7x28 handgun, threaded barrel, fluted barrel, suppressor height sights, 23+1 capacity
  • Canik Mete MC9, perfect little conceal carry gun, 9mm optics ready, fantastic trigger
  • Franklin Armory Binary Trigger, curved, for AR15 and AR10
  • Greg Wardman custom Sambar Stag, CPM 154 SS blade, 416 SS guard&butt plate, 1/8 416 SS spacer, Blk G-10 spacer, Sambar Stag handle, with included leather sheath


2nd place:

  • Smith & Wesson pistol range bag, walker eye protection, walker passive ear muffs


3rd place:

  • one(1) free ticket to any future raffle, will be sent as a coupon code

Raffle #5 - Canik MC9, PSA Rock, Binary trigger, custom stag knife

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