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Permit to Carry Video Course

What is expected of you:

  • Watch the video in its entirety - do NOT skip any portion

  • Rewind/review any points you are unclear on

  • Make notes of questions you may have and message us for help

  • Follow the corresponding email link to schedule your live shoot

  • Be SAFE and RESPONSIBLE at the range 

There will be a waiver to sign at the live shoot stating that you have watched and understood the following video as well as releasing all parties from any liability during the live shoot.


Once you have watched the class in its entirety, signed the waiver and completed the live shoot you will receive your certificate.


This certificate is valid for exactly one year and can not be extended.  You will need to take the certificate, valid government issued photo identification and payment to your local county Sheriff's office to apply for your Minnesota Permit to Carry a firearm.


Enjoy the class and we look forward to seeing you at the range.

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