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Just in 5/2/24 Freedom Seed dump and used goodies

Freedom seed dump just hit the shelves with some love towards the 6.5 Creedmoor and 460 SW lovers. Got in a few more used goodies that are at or near the top of most peoples list!


First up is the extremely popular and sought after Sig P365 X Macro. This non compensated version, of which is the better version in our opinion, is optic ready, slim, good grip and trigger, night sights, and of course is 17+1 capacity. Traded in with only 200 rounds through it.

On the shelf now for $590

Used Sig P365 macro

Another extremely popular choice, the Glock 43X 9mm micro sub compact. This slim, very form fitting grip, good everything about honestly is near the perfect conceal carry gun. Best selling conceal carry gun of last year and not slowing down this year. This is 10+1 capacity as is with the option to use Shield Arms 15rd mags, of which we have in store. Traded in with less than 200 rounds through it.

On the shelf now for $390

Glock 43X


We spent some dough on some more ammo to fill our shelves and to fill your ammo boxes.

Do you enjoy 6.5 creedmoor but dont enjoy paying the per round cost? Well thats about to change because we got a case of Sellier & Bellot fmj at $16.99 a box of 20 on the shelf now

S & B 6.5 Creedmoor

460 SW JHP on the shelf for $21.99

460 SW

Igman 7.62x39 brass $14.99 on the shelf

Igman 7.62 x39

S&B 300 blackout FMJ super range rounds $14.99 per box

Sellier & Bellot 300 Blackout


Alright alright alright we finally caved and are adding even more red dot options to the shelf. We are welcoming 2 additional socked red dots, the Holoson 407k and the 407c. The 407 series has been extremely popular since the release and still one of the best options for carry guns and range guns alike. The 407c is the RMR footprint that includes a solar panel, the 407k is the RMSc version for small conceal carry guns. Both are red dots, green is available for special order as well as any and all other models.

Holosun 407C on the shelf for $244.99

Holosun 407C

Holosun 407K on the shelf for $224.99

Holosun 407K

We are also investigating Swampfox and their lineup. We are enjoying the Kraken red dot so we are also offering some of the LVPOs. The Arrowhead 1-10 SFP Guerilla BDC green reticle, zero stop, lockable turrets, included throw lever, is on the shelf now for $470

Swampfox Arrowhead 1-10

Don't forget about suppressors!

We have yet 2 more Aero Precison Lahar-30 on the way to the store. I just want to let you know that from submitting the paperwork to getting approved is averaging 2 days! We have had 4 more suppressors approved from last week and this week. Come talk suppressors with us!

Soon to be on the shelf for $629, call, email, or stop in to reserve yours!

Aero Precision Lahar 30


Right now until May 12th, get 10% rebate on all Winchester SXP shotguns and Wildcat rifles! We have a selection in store but if you need a specific one we will happily order for you.

!!!PLUS!!! We are ALSO doing 10% off in store in addition to the rebate.

That means SXP and Wildcats are 20% off right now after rebate!

Winchester Deal

Should be it for today, stop into the store sometime soon and say hi!


See you in the store soon! Find me and tell me the codeword "summer squash" for a free $15 gift card, just for fun!

Thank you



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