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Store Policy


ALL FIREARM SALES FINAL If the firearm that was purchased is defective in any way, please refer to the manufacturer's warranty. The manufacturer will do everything they can to remedy a broken firearm, we are not able to fix as good as the manufacturer anyway.

All non-serialized items can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of purchase. MUST have receipt, no exceptions. 

Notable exceptions that can NOT be returned or exchanged: 

All ammunition, reloading supplies, paper targets, clay pigeons, cleaning liquids, aerosols, single use earplugs, food stuffs.


We will entertain all trades, we make no guarantees to complete the trade. No trades can be made on consignment items.

We research every item to the best of our ability to come up with a fair market price that the market will bear. We then offer our price accordingly.


We will consign almost anything, especially firearms. Standard consignment fee is 18% of the final sale price less tax. When an item sells, we will write a check and mail to you less our 18% fee. We will research to the best of our ability to come up with a fair market price that the market will bear, you can choose to agree to that price or set the price yourself. Then you will give us the minimum price you are willing to accept in the event a lower price is offered. We will always strive to get the most possible, but sometimes a guaranteed lower sale is better than no sale at all. Standard length of term is 60 days. If you wish to take back your item before the 60 days are up, you are subject to a 12% fee to compensate for our time and effort. If the item does not sell after 60 days, you are allowed to take back your item with only a $10 processing fee. Every consignment item will get at least one social media post blast. We will also, with your permission, list your item on other third-party sites such as Gunbroker, you are responsible for any and all fees associated with third-party sites. We reserve the right to terminate any consignment agreement early for any reason whatsoever, of which you are still subject to at least a $10 processing fee.


We are happy to do layaway, the greater of 25% or $150 down is needed to start the process. Pay as you wish until paid off with-in 4 months. If not paid off with-in 4 months, all payments thus far are non refundable and items will be returned to store inventory. Black Diamond Armory will NOT remind the customer of due payment, it is the customer's responsibility to keep track of time and payment left. 


All Special Orders are expected with-in 2 weeks unless specified otherwise. We will contact you as soon as your item(s) arrive for you to pick up at the store. Due to the rather sad state of shipping currently, please expect delays to happen.


We will inspect and quote all work orders for free. All general gunsmithing has a minimum charge of $35 across the board and $55 per hour. Item will not be returned until work order is paid.


If a firearm must remain with us for any reason at all whatsoever in our storage, we will hold said firearm(s) for up to 4 months without question and with no fees. After 4 months, the owner of the firearm(s) is subject to a $10 per month fee PER ITEM payable at time of pickup, WE WILL NOT RETURN ITEM(S) UNTIL STORAGE FEE IS PAID. We have space but our space is not infinite, the upkeep involved needs to be compensated. Storage fees will not be more than 12 months worth, upon the 13th month, the item is considered abandoned.


If for whatever reason at all whatsoever a firearm(s) is left in our possession for longer than 13 months, we will consider the firearms(s) ABANDONED. This means we will assume ownership of firearm(s) and do what we wish with firearm(s), which includes but not limited to reselling the firearm(s). No firearm is exempt, this includes but not limited to firearm(s) being fully paid for, firearm(s) transferred in, firearm(s) in need of repair, firearm(s) was won at a raffle event, and any other conceivable reason that the firearm(s) is left in our storage. If previous owner wishes to reacquire a previously abandoned firearm(s), the previous owner must pay any and all applicable storage fees AND must purchase at full retail price.

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