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Just in 6/18 It's Raining Goodies!

What a just great bout of weather we have going on recently, high heat with that awful humidity really puts a damper on a person's day. Every day I thank God that A/C was invented lmao.

We will start the day with temperate prices and a mid to high chance of new goodies in the store.

We will be closed July 4th for reasons pertaining to FREEDOM

Don't miss out on a fun deal! For $15 we will send send you a random mystery knife in the mail. This could be a flip pocket knife, a filet knife, axe, or a myriad of novelty pocket knives.


Ballistic Advantage stripped Enhanced Lower Receivers are in the shop and ready to go to a good home! You will notice that these look rather similar to to Aero Precision's M4E1 lowers, well that's because they ARE. Same shape, same finish, came off the same assembly line but with a different logo. We got a bunch in for a summer deal! Start your next AR build with a quality lower from a quality manufacturer.

Normally $145, on sale now for $94.99

Buy online now with the following link. Sale end July 3rd, subject to availability.

Raining goodies? More like raining lead! Got some bulk sealed battle packs of 200rds of PMC 5.56 Xtac FMJ in! These are weather sealed from the factory to have a heavily lengthened shelf life as well as having a convenient carrying handle. Stop on in and grab one or two!

On the shelf now for $125

PMC Battle Pack

Sig P365 X Macro is back on the shelf! Arguably the best conceal carry pistol on the market boasting a super slim frame, great grip, night sights, optic ready, great shootability, and of course 17 whole rounds in the mag at the same size as other 10rd pistols.

On the shelf now for $669

Sig P365 X Macro

Glock 43x MOS is also back on the shelf! The best conceal carry pistol from Glock. It shoots and operates just like your other Glocks that you know and love. 10rd mags from factory with 15rd mags on the shelf.

On the shelf now for $489

Glock 43x MOS

A couple more Holosun options are now on the shelf! The HM3X magnifier is a 3x flip-to-the-side magnifier that sits behind most red dots on your AR15 allowing you to quickly and easily use the red dot with no magnification then flipping it up zooms in your reticle to see and aim a little further out. QD lever and adjustable windage/elevation helps make it versatile.

On the shelf now for $199

Also have the EPS CARRY MRS Green dot on the shelf. This solar powered micro green dot comes equipped with multiple reticles and a RMSc/K foot print for most conceal carry guns. With its enclosed emitter, the elements will not block the emitter from showing you the reticle.

On the shelf now for $429.99


Something a little different from our usual line up. We now carry the Garmin Xero C1 Pro chronograph! This is a super portable, rugged, and accurate as heck being able to gauge the speed of most projectiles from your big boy rounds all the way down to Nerf darts.

On sale for $599.99, this item might be eligible for a coupon Code!

Garmin Xero C1 Pro

Classic Canik METE SFX in duotone black and FDE. 9mm full size powerhouse of a gun.

On the shelf now for $524.99

Canin Mete SFX

Other smokin deals you might be interested in:

I think that's it for today, appreciate your time and hope to see you in the store soon!



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