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Just in for 2/16/2024

Oooooooh boy do we have some spicy news this week. Minnesota House has introduced bill HF 3570 which is one the biggest gun confiscation schemes yet. California has us beat, but this 3570 bill is almost a copy and paste of Illinois' ban on guns. If this were to pass, the sale and transfer of almost all sporting rifles (including but not limited to all ARs) will be banned. AND ALSO you are being required to register what you already have OR be forced to turn them in to be destroyed. This is a huge unconstitutional over reach that needs to be stopped before its enacted, if it were to pass then it will go into effect August 1st 2024. I'm not saying to and not trying to stir the pot, but if there was ever a time to stockpile, it kinda would be nowish.

Please read more here and get invloved by letting your local representative know what you think of this giant governmental over reach.

Whats new in the store?

First up is the Glock 43X MOS. the brand new Glock 43x MOS, now available on our shelves. This sleek and compact handgun offers enhanced versatility with its Modular Optic System (MOS), allowing for seamless attachment of popular reflex sights. With its reliable performance and ergonomic design, the Glock 43x MOS is the perfect choice for those seeking a dependable concealed carry option in a small package. Visit our shop today to experience the precision and reliability of this cutting-edge firearm firsthand.

On the shelf for $489! 2 in stock

We also got a few more Canik MC9 on the shelf. Featuring Canik's legendary trigger in a conceal carry package. Ambi controls, good ergonomics, red dot ready, and able to accept all full size mags. Stupid good gun with a lot of features for a low price.

On the Shelf now for $399

Just in on consignment, a Smith & Wesson Mod 29-2 4" barrel, blued body with gold target trigger and hammer, gold rear sight. Comes in a fancy red felt lined wood case.

On the shelf now for $950

New product lines

Battle belts have been slowly creeping in over the past few months, now we are getting a few plate carriers in now! Battle belts are a great way to enjoy your time at the range with all your gear riding on your waist. Your gun holstered, magazines at the ready, empty mag dump pouch, first aid and tourniquet, all conveniently at the ready. Stop in and get some info on how to set up your battle battle.

We are also slowly getting plate carriers in the shop. Versatile, expandable, and great quality. Stop in to see how we can help protect your vitals and carry your bug out supplies in a convenient carrier.

AR of the Week,

Normally $830, now $180 off sitting at $650 on the shelf!

Get your ammo here!

We have ammo on the shelf for very reasonable prices. Find it cheaper at another store? we price match!


Any fishing fans here? We have a small selection of quality lures in now with more coming soon!

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

If you've reached this far and you are reading this, stop into the shop anytime for the rest of February and pick up 2 boxes of 9mm 115gr FMJ for $20. Limit 1 offer per person.

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