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Just in for 2/8/24 Fun new toys!

While facebook continues to be jerks and not letting me post, please enjoy this short read on what we have cooking in the shop!

First up, Taurus Judge 410/45LC revolver shotgun! 6" barrel, stainless steel finish, rubber grips, what could be better?? Its got great fit and finish, great trigger, nice sight on front. Load it up with 3" 410 for the ultimate home defense gun!

We have 410 defense rounds on the shelf

This Judge is on the shelf for $489.99, come in this week for a $25 discount!

Taurus Judge

Next up, we have the venerable Sig P365 XMacro 9mm in the store again, this is the Tacops version which means its more usable for carrying as it forgoes the compensator for a more practical build and price. 17+1 but in a slim compact package makes this the bear perfect conceal carry choice. Night sights, 2 mags, speedloader, red dot ready, light ready, great trigger, its got it all.

On the shelf for $689

For the ladies especially, the Ruger Security 380 is putting conceal carry in easy mode. Its compact size for conceal carry, it boasts an easy to use Easy rack slide, double stack, comfortable grip, and really low recoil so its a solid shooter.

On the shelf for only $319

More carry guns, the Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS in 9mm just hit the shelf. The longstanding reliability of Glock can not be ignored, its design perfected over decades, and an aftermarket support rivaled by none. Simple takedown to clean, easy to operate, good all the way around, you should always consider the Glock 19 as a carry choice. Optics ready.

On the shelf for $629

Got a used Tisas PX9 gen 3 in, full sized. This is a very budget friendly priced but made really well choice. Its got a great trigger, and good fit and finish.

On the shelf for $250

We got in a Springfield Armory M1A scout in 308win in the shop! 18" 10+1 detachable wood stock and parkerized barrel. Super cool, feels great, has picatinny rail for a scope!

On the shelf for $1789

Ammo Dump! Got some more freedom seeds in.

6.5 creedmoor Federal Fusion $39.99

308win Aquila $23.49

6.5 Grendel Hornady Black $26.99

6mm ARC Hornady Black $28.99

.223 Critical Defense Hornady $27.49

5.56 FMJ PMC Xtac $11.99

5.7x28mm FN V-Max tip $31.99

50AE magnum Research $59.99

9mm Federal HST $29.99

22LR Federal Value pack 525 for $37.49

The first round of Ballistic Advantage lowers arrived (they are exactly the same as Aero M4E1) ready for you to build into a really strong AR. We built it into a really nice AR15 in 5.56 that checks all the boxes for reliability and good parts but just sneaking in under $1000. We will be keeping this configuration on the shelf at all times as it will be our default Enhanced option.

On the shelf for $989.

Now for a question, we are seriously considering a suppressor kiosk to quickly and easily fill out Form 4s, electronic fingerprints, and even generate Trusts on the spot. From walking in the door to walking out the door with a completed submitted Form 4 is less than 30 minutes. Please answer the following poll

Is the absence of a Suppressor Kiosk stopping you from buying a suppressor?

  • Yes, I want to use electronic fingerprinting

  • No, paper and ink is fine

  • I'm still not buying a suppressor either way

  • Yes, I'm more interested in the trust generation

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