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Just in for 3/21/2024 a host of new and used toys

Busy busy busy you guys and gals are keeping us! Lets go though all the new and used inventory we got in this week.

Table of contents:

  • News

  • New handguns: Canik, Sig, Tisas, Kimber

  • New Long Guns: Pointer, More Savage 220, AK

  • Used: Marlin, Keltec, 8mm Lebel, Mossberg

  • Ammo!!!!

  • SUPPRESSORS!!11!!!1!!


Our fingerprint scanner is on the way along with all the gadgets and gizmos and software to speed through the process to fill out Form 4s and ALSO generate NFA trusts on the spot.

Here is the process:

Research desired suppressor -> order suppressor -> wait 3 weeks to arrive -> come in to roll fingerprints/fill out forms/pay tax stamp -> wait for approval -> get approved and come pick up suppressor

Current wait times are only DAYS. The whole process from start to finish will still take a few weeks since we have to wait for the cans to arrive, once we catch up on backlog we will start to carry them on the shelf so in the future you will be able to get a suppressor off the shelf in as little as 1 day!

It is recommended to put your suppressors in a gun trust, we will now be able to generate trusts for you in store in as little as 20 minutes. Why do you want to put them in a gun trust? If there is any possibility that you want someone else whether its a friend or a spouse to use your suppressor then they must also be on the trust to legally use it. In addition, lets say you have a suppressor as an individual and you have a child, if you die then that suppressor goes to the government to be destroyed, you may not pass down an NFA item to anyone that is not on a trust. For us to generate a trust will be extra of course, we are still working out what that will be but for sure less than silencer shop. I am also going to be a notary public so I can stamp it right here in the store woohoo!

Stop in soon and lets get rolling on a suppressor! Keep in mind the whole country is doing the same so inventory levels are going to be in constant flux.

Current silencer brands we can get a hold of: Dead Air, Silencerco, Huxwrks, Yankee Hill, Gemtech, Elite Iron, Diligent Arms, B&T, Barrett, Chaos Gear, Bushmaster, Daniel Defense, Griffin Armament, Q, Sig Sauer, FN, Rugged, Diligent Arms, OtterCreek Labs, and Advanced Armament Co

Other news

We buy and trade used guns! Our used gun inventory is dwindling so bring them on in and trade up for something newer/better/shinier


Starting off with something we havent seen since it was release, the Canik Rival-S!! This all stainless steel handgun sports a 5.25" barrel, crisp as hell trigger, changeable backstraps, flared magwell, every optics plate known to man, a holster, a fancy fancy case, and is the Darkside paintjob.

On the shelf for $899

More Caniks! We got the Elite SC, the Mete SF, and the METE SFT in the store on the shelf.

Ranging from $399 to $489

Kimber, we dont usually see Kimbers in the store but we have a fancy Micro 9 with the stainless steel finish and Rosewood grips. One of the sleekest, stylish, smartest conceal carry guns out there!

On the shelf for $599

Do you wish you had a Staccato 2011 but dont wish to pay their price tag? Now you can at only a third of the price! Tisas introduced the 1911 Duty B9R DS this year and it is a gorgeous piece with a great set up. It is 100% a 2011 clone, double stack 9mm, 5" barrel, pic rail, Optic ready RMSc, crisp phenomenal trigger, great grip, takes staccato mags, enhanced controls, and flared magwell. Pick it up and see how you like it.

On the shelf for only $749, compared to a Staccato starting at $2200

And to round it out is the Sig P365 X Macro. 9mm stack and a half holds 17+1. Slim, discreet, arguably the best conceal carry gun. This is the non compensated version since its the better choice to carry.

On the shelf for $669


Pointer Acrius 12ga Over under 28" with 5 extended choke tubes. Made in turkey, good value, good price point, good shooter.

On the shelf for $429

Century Arms imported WASR-10 underfold AK47 7.62x39. Wood forend, skeletonized underfolding stock, 16" barrel, its cool as heck! This is made in Romania and imported by Century Arms, not made by Century so this is the good one. Great build quality and should last as long as the roaches.

On the shelf for $999

Savage 220 camo! Best dang deer shotgun you can use. Rifled barrel, 20ga, great comfy stock, accutrigger, mag fed. No hesitation this is the deer gun you want. We have scopes on hand to mount upon this beast.

On the shelf for $669


Mossberg MC2c, 9mm, barely used.

On the shelf for $240

Marlin 336 lever action in .35 Rem caliber. Comes with leather saddle, peep sights, scope ready, extended-to-the-side hammer, smooth and well taken care of. Manufactured 1977.

On the shelf for $750

8mm Lebel French Rifle. Hits like a truck, recoil will knock your teeth out, but dang is it cool. wear and tear of course but action and trigger are smooth.

On the shelf for $290

Used upper from an XM-177E2, this 5.56 is rocking a 14.5 pin and weld to be 16" overall, thsi is over 40 years old so it is authentic. Maybe not the handguard tho, its hard to say.

On the shelf for $540

Keltec CP33, 22lr 33round mag

On the shelf for $290


This is a quick list of the recent ammo we have restocked:

5.56 62gr Green Tip

300 Blackout subsonic FMJ

20ga Accutip Sabots

20ga Winchester Rifled Slug

338 lapua

33 Nosler


22lr CCI Clean 22 Subsonic (for suppressors)


Get them while they are hot and still in stock! Like seriously, most of the good choices are gone and the available options are dwindling.

With the new hardware coming we are able to get the Form 4 done in under 30 minutes!

Feel free to comment on this post, call, email, Facebook message, or text us with questions.

Hope to see you in the store soon!



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