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Just in for 3/28/24 News and Updates

A little quiet so far this week which isn't a bad thing, lets me get caught up on paper work and get familiar with our brand new fingerprint scanner. By the way, we sell suppressor, do all the form work, electronic fingerprints, and generate trusts now!

Table of contents

  • Plate Carriers

  • New Handguns

  • New Ammo

  • Special Edition

  • New Optic

  • Suppressor Update

  • AR of the Week update


We got in more plate carriers and chest rigs today! Limited quantities right now as we navigate what is the best ones to stock but for sure stop in and lets talk!


The ever popular Canik MC9 is back on the shelf yet again. This time we have the Black and FDE two tone. Retains the absolutely awesome trigger of its bigger cousins but in a more compact size for carry. Excellent across the board, great value, great price, great performance.

On the shelf now for $399. Canik is raising prices and we will need to raise it too very soon.

Hidden gem with far too little exposure, the Tisas PX-9 Nightstalker is a Turkish made polymer framed handgun with a lot of spirit, value, and quality. 4.5" threaded barrel, 9mm, 17+1, optic ready, tritium night sights, vented slide, comfortable grip, flared magwell, and a trigger that is great enough to be on a gun double the price.

On the shelf for $429

Thats it for handguns so far this week, I have some shopping to do for next week!


We went and did something really fancy and custom, a Sharps Bros Warthog stripped lower with custom airbrush painted. This is milspec lower that has a milled in warthog motif, then airbrushed the color in. You can certainly buy the lower as all black, but this one has been custom painted. Stop on in to take a look and lets build it into a bad ass hog killer AR!

On the shelf and ready for $389


New ammo this week so far:

Federal Punch .380 JHP

Federal target 22lr value pack of 525

Hornady Subsonic 9mm JHP


We are introducing a new stocked red dot! The Swampfox Kraken is an enclosed emitter red dot that mimics the extremely popular Aimpoint Acro. The Kraken comes as either red or green dot, fully enclosed to be nature proof, and comes with both an RMR plate and Glock MOS plate. Well built, side loading battery, and a rock solid warranty ALMOST as good as Athlon, still happy with it so I know you will be.

On the shelf for $349


Inventory of available suppressors SUCK so please come in sooner rather than later to secure your suppressor. We can even do all the fingerprinting and most of info beforehand so we can submit the paperwork as soon as the can comes in.

One last final thing, next week for the AR of the week is going to be a nice treat and a REALLY REALLY good price. You will want to be subscribed to jump on it right away.

Thank you all for your continued support!



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