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Just In Round Up 1/10/24

Hope your new year is going well so far! Facebook still hates us and we are restricted yet again, oh well. This format works better anyway since I can write whatever I want, woohoo!

Here is a few of the goodies that we got in over the past week to keep you up to speed.

Left side charging, left side ejecting upper with 5.56/.223/300blk BCG included. For the Southpaws in our lives, this has been proven to be slick as heck.

On the shelf at $129.99, buy now online

Watch out 300 Blackout, the rise of the 6.5 Grendel pistol empire is growing. Snag this FDE handguarded 6.5 Grendel 10.5" upper in preparation for your next deer gun.

On the shelf for $344.99, just need to pick a BCG and charging handle.

For those PCC enjoyers, just added a 10.5" 9mm upper to the shelf as well.

On the shelf for $359.99, add in a BCG and charging handle and you're set.

You looking for your next Premium build? Sons of Liberty Gun Works 16" 5.56 Combat barrel is on the shelf waiting to be put to work

On the shelf for $219.99, buy now online

Red dot or scope? Age old question, my response is why not both? Just added to our normal line up is the Athlon TSP1 1x Prism. This is a 1x etched reticle red dot hybrid, illuminated when you want but still can shoot if not since its etched. Stupid generous eye relief, and the best part is, if you have astigmatism or problems seeing red dots, then this is the answer since it doesn't rely on traditional reflex sight. Auto off, AAA battery, red/green, high rise mount and low mount included.

On the shelf for $269.99, buy now online.

Rise Armaments Blitz trigger is back on the shelf. This has been such a well performing drop-in trigger, 3.5lbs with super super low creep and over travel, breaks like glass.

Not too spendy at only $199 on the shelf. Buy now online.

And finally, some ammo and yet another trigger! Now added to the shelf is the Triggertech Adaptive drop in trigger. This seriously has zero creep, it says it on the side of the box and we have to agree, its uber good. Adjustable from 2.5lbs to 5lbs on the fly, just open up the upper receiver and the dial is on top.

Triggertech Adaptive is on the shelf for $269.99, buy now online

Hope to see you in the store soon! Call, email, comment, snail mail, smoke signal, yodel from a tall bluff, or HAM radio us to get in contact for any further details.

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