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Black Diamond Armory Crate

Get excited y'all, we are going to be launching a monthly goodie box program very soon! If this is too long to read, scroll to the bottom and click a poll option please!

Overview of the program

Each month we will put together an Armory Crate (it will really just be a USPS box) full of AR15 parts, EDC tools, apparel, and other firearm related products, then we will mail them to your door! They will be semi-randomly chosen trying to get a few things from a few different categories. One month might be mostly AR parts with a fancy knife, while another month might be a multi tool, hoodie, charging handle, and maybe a conceal carry belt. We will strive to only include practical products that make sense. While you may not go out and purchase any particular product by itself, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised to get something you didn't know you needed.

Black Diamond Armory Crate monthly subscription

Short term goals

For the first 6 to 10 boxes we will focus on mostly AR15 parts and carry related products, ideally we will be sending out enough parts to put most of an AR together. Lower, barrel and BCG probably wont make it into a box, sorry, but a half off coupon for one might find its way in.

Details of how it works

Jumping into the details more, we will be sending the Armory Crates out in the last week of each month. This will be a paid monthly subscription, you may start and end the subscription at any time, if you were to start the subscription during the last week of a given month, you will receive that months Crate however it will probably be delayed, no big deal. Cancel any time, if you pay for a month, you get the crate, simple as that.


We will have one subscription level to start with, at $49.99 per month, keeping it simple for us to get in the groove. After a few months, and especially if this new venture takes off, we will be offering different levels of subscriptions with more or less price which means more or less goodies in the box.


What do you get for your $49.99 per month? We guarantee each box will contain items valued at between $70 to $110. Please know this up front as this is the only compromise we ask for: you can't pick what you get, we won't be doing trades on items you get, nor will we do returns, but you will for sure get everything at a great price. We would however be very happy to take suggestions!


First and foremost, we want to get a rough count of who is interested in the membership, and who is ready to thrown down some dough to get some goodies. We want to work with you so if you have suggestions of what you want to see in future Crates, please comment on this post or email me! Please vote on the below poll, we would appreciate the feedback!

Are you excited for a monthly box of gun related goodies to show up at your door?

  • Yes, however not ready to sign up yet

  • Yes, I would sign up immediately

  • Yes, but some of the details need to be tweaked first

  • No, this doesn't interest me

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