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Just in 1/16/2024

Hey hey! Quick update regarding some new additions to the used guns collection we just got in at the store!


Up for sale is a somewhat "uniquely" decorated but otherwise very tasteful Yugoslavian SKS. The rifle itself is in very good shape, and it includes both the grenadiers sights and the grenade launcher muzzle device. The magazine is original, and has been left stock without conversion to accept detachable mags. For $500 it can be yours today!

Yugo SKS

Also in on trade is a Mossberg Shockwave 12 gauge shotgun, set up with both the typical curved rear grip and hand strap attached to the pump action grip. Buy it here on our site for just $350!

Mossberg Shockwave 20ga

Lastly, we've got 2 very nice Tisas 1911s. The first is a Tisas 1911 D10 chambered in the powerful 10mm cartridge. Adjustable sights, hair trigger, G10 grips, pretty much all the upgraded control surfaces that an aspiring 10mm owner would want! On the shelf for $600.

Tisas 1911

The second is a completely custom job. Complete with a case-hardened patina finish, the Tisas 1911 B9 Carry Nighthawk Custom is chambered in 9mm, and sure to garner plenty of attention at the range. It looks great, and shoot even better. On the shelf now for $800.

Tisas 1911 B9 Carry Patina Case Hardened

Keep checking back at the JUST ARRIVED page to see new things come in!


We are now dealers of Ballistic Advantage! Over the next few weeks/months we will start stocking BA barrels on hand in various lengths and calibers. A sweetspot for quality vs price in honest opinion. Let us know if you need to special order any of their barrels!

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