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New Stuff for 2/1/2024

Welcome back, its good to see you again, we have some new stuff on he shelf for you!

Starting off with an affordable semi-auto shotgun option, the Pointer Field Tek 3 12ga 28" smoothbore vented rib with 5 extended chokes. Great wood furniture and bronze cerakote, and the rubber buttpad is very robust!

Normally $379, now on the shelf for $309

We also got in a Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12ga 3.5"/3"/2.75" 28" vented rib smoothbore pump shotgun. Rather nice but plain black synthetic look, but the action and trigger are smooth and feel great. Nice shooting gun with not a large price tag.

Normally $409, now on the shelf for $329

Something a little different! We got in a soda can/golf ball launcher upper receiver! This guy has 2 barrels that quickly screw on and off to switch between launching soda/pop/beer cans out of going around 300 feet or golf balls travelling way further. This attaches to any AR15 lower that you already may or may not have and uses 5.56 blanks as propellant.

On the shelf for $225

For pistols, we blessed with even more Caniks, a Mete SFX and SC Elite are now on the shelf. I dont really need to sell you on Canik as they are pretty much one of the best choices of guns since they have pretty much the best stock trigger of any pistol under $800.

Mete SFX on the shelf for $549

SC Elite on the shelf for $399

We also got in a Smith & Wesson Equalizer in 9mm. This one is a great amalgamation between the EZ series and the extremely popular Shield Plus series. It has an EZ rack slide that is optics ready, but with the grip module similar to the Shield Plus so its double stack, actually takes shield plus mags. Has the back strap safety like the EZ, just a solid gun made for anyone that has limited mobility in the hand.

Normally $599, on the shelf for $499!

And last but not least you need a way to transport your guns, we got more Condor soft cases back in. These come in 36" and 42" long, wither single or double rifle size. They are fully padded 360 degrees, built to last, includes 3 MOLLE pouches on the front, and a zippered compartment that has 2 velcro compartments inside that can hold a pistol in each.

Priced at $87 to $117 depending on size

That should be it for now, keep checking your email for news and check facebook for updates, thanks!

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