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PSA 5.7 Rock with suppressor height sights, threaded barrel, blk

While FN started the 5.7 train, they were the first to derail. Now Ruger, Smith, and PSA hopped on board with their offerings.

We just got in the PSA 5.7 Rock coming at $479, flaunting a great comfortable grip, long af barrel for accurate shooting, threaded barrel for your 22 cal suppressor, and suppressor height sights to accommodate. With a mag capacity of 23+1, you can toss a lot of lead down range in a full size frame.

5.7x28 offers fantastic penetration and great ballistics in a handgun, while also keeping recoil down which lands in between 380 and 22 magnum, expect to ring steel easily within 50 yards.

This PSA 5.7 Rock is on the shelf for $479, but show this post at checkout to get it for $449!

Are you liking this new format of announcing guns and stuff?

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