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Armory Club

With an Armory Club membership gain instant access to savings on ammo, amazing deals on select in-store firearms, apparel, free transfers, knives, and much more! PLUS, you are immediately entitled to a free shirt upon sign up!

The membership will be a monthly charge, but you must agree to commit to a 3 month contract at a time. That way you are able to take advantage of the deals seasonally without feeling like wasting off months when you don't need as much. Charges will happen immediately when signed up then recurring each month.

Let's run through the list of benefits!

  • 15% off all ammo.*

  • Significant discounts on select firearms marked with a special red tag.**

  • Up to three(3) FREE transfers per month, then only $10 per serialized item after that.

  • 25% off all knives and self defense items in the cutlery corner.

  • 25% off all BDA shirts and hoodies, includes graphic tees, see in-store for graphic options!

  • Free Conceal Carry class with at least 1 year commitment.

  • 25% off AR-15 related tools

  • 10% off weapon cases

  • One(1) free gun cleaning per month

  • One(1) free optic mounting + boresight per month

  • 35% off Armory labor charges

  • Plenty of free BDA logo stickers

  • Get to vote on what firearms we should get on the shelf next!

  • Get one(1) free entry into the next raffle. Only one(1) during initial sign up.

  • Get invited into the Black Diamond Armory Buyer's Group on Facebook

  • Receive a membership card with your info!

*No limits on quantity. Must be purchased/ordered in-store. A few select items will have lesser discounts.

**Discounts vary by item. IN-STORE ONLY

Armory Club



Every month

A club curated to gun enthusiasts!

Valid for 3 months

15% off all ammo

SIGNIFICANT Discounts on select firearms in store


arory club

Terms and Conditions

Black Diamond Armory has the right to add, change, and remove benefits at any time without notice or reason. Black Diamond Armory has the right to change the price at any time without notice or reason.

Membership must be paid monthly or all up front in store, the monthly charge will be charged automatically once per month. Membership must be contracted and paid in 3 month increments. Customer may not end the membership early unless in certain extraneous circumstances.

More to come

Free conceal carry class is rewarded when you pay cumulatively for 12 months. Requirements are reset every 5 years.

Free raffle ticket is awarded exactly once per lifetime during initial sign up of membership. Good for the very next raffle that is live or about to go live.

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