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Employment Opportunities

Review and apply for open positions. We are actively seeking out talent to join the BDA Team who are passionate about guns, however employment offers are not guaranteed.


While working with firearms is cool as heck, you must realize this is still a retail store and you must be able to do all the duties a normal retail store would entail. 

Sales Associate/Armorer

About this position

The bread and butter Sales Associate plays the most important role here at BDA. Directly conversing with customers and providing sales assistance by selling firearms, accessories, memberships, and services. Running background checks and ensuring document accuracy.


Adept at performing most of the simple armorer services including but not limited to assembling ARs, mounting scopes, leveling scopes, boresighting scopes, deep cleaning firearms, minor repairs/replacements,  barrel swaps, muzzle device replacement, red dot mounting, iron sight pushing, and more.

You will be expected to spend most of your shift conversing with customers with the expectation of selling products and services and upselling whenever possible.


Based on experience

We do not offer benefits. However we do allow all employees to purchase anything at cost, which means cheap guns, ammo, and a myriad of firearm adjacent items. Must be employed for at least 90 days.


This position will be part time that may or may not always be on the same days. Typically 3 or 4 days per week with the possibility for 5 days.  Overtime is very seldom available. Will be expected to attend and work at events that can easily last until midnight. Typical shift is 8 hours, Tuesday through Saturday.

Hard and fast requirements:

  • Able to maintain the most impeccably correct paperwork of your life, as if your freedom depends on it, because it kind of does. There is no wiggle room for poor record keeping. Attention to detail is absolutely paramount. Do not bother applying if you can not maintain perfect record keeping and paperwork.

  • Must have some background that deals with firearms in some way. Could be military, law enforcement, firefighter, EMS, prison guard, one or more years in a shooting team, previous gun store work experience, range safety officer, etc.

  • Carries (or wishes to)

  • 21+ age

  • Able to execute basic math

  • Fairly computer literate

  • Able to retain info and facts about products and repeat them over and over

  • Does not mind oil or grime

  • Must be able to maintain perfect record keeping and paperwork.

  • Graduated High School

  • Not a felon

  • At least somewhat mechanically inclined

  • Does not like bud light

  • Is not confused as to how many genders there are (hint: there are 2)

  • Know the 4 basic gun safety rules

  • Can recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Preferred attributes and skills

  • 2+ years of retail experience

  • Decent amount of knowledge of firearms in general

  • A passion for firearms

  • A passion to learn more about firearms

  • A passion for doing whatever it takes for Black Diamond Armory to succeed

  • Any amount of college

  • Mechanically inclined

  • Extremely good at record keeping

  • Can take notes well

  • Computer literate since most of your job will be spent on a computer/POS

  • Knows the 2nd Amendment

Normal duties and expectations

  • Converse with customers to sell products, memberships, and services

  • Run background checks

  • Upsell appropriately

  • Listen to customers for their wants/needs and recommend products accordingly

  • Notify the manager of out of stock or low stock items

  • Checkout customers

  • Enter work orders

  • Take special orders

  • Assemble ARs according to the build list

  • Rearrange and straighten products

  • Break down boxes and take out the trash

  • Keep the work area clean and organized

  • Take out the guns in the morning and put away the guns at night

  • Ensure guns are locked up every night

  • During downtime, familiarize yourself with as much of the firearms as possible

  • You are expected to be the expert, never stop learning

  • Don't waste time while on the clock

  • Show up and be punctual

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