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Raffle Club

Its a club for people that want to participate in raffles!

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Purchase Tickets

It's simple, purchase the raffle item and get entered into a raffle to win a prize! Everyone is a winner, 1st place wins the grand prize, 2nd gets a free ticket into the next raffle,  while 3rd though the rest place wins a BDA sticker pack! The more tickets purchased, the more chances you have to win the 1st place prize.

1st Place Prize

The grand prize is the 1st place winner's choice between 3 different options which usually will consist of a handgun, a shotgun, a rifle, an AR-15 package, and optics. Sometimes we will do a mystery box!

2nd Place Prize

The 2nd place winner will get one(1) free ticket in the form of a coupon code to use in any future raffle.

Mystery Box

What's the mystery box item? If the 1st place winner chooses the mystery box, the prize could be anything. It might be as simple as a different shotgun, or it could be a box full of AR parts, or it could be a scope and a red dot, and so many other combinations!

Simple Process

Keeping it simple, winners will be announced via live stream on the Facebook Buyer's group. The method of choosing a winner will be using the tried and true website

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