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Permit to Carry Online Class Information

Why switch to online?

Switching to an online class makes it easy for both you and Black Diamond Armory. You are able to watch the class at any time rather than taking up a whole Saturday. We will make sure to email you if the content were to ever be updated with new information that is required to know. However, you are still required to do a live shoot before you can get your certificate.


We have implemented a new sign up area for the live shoot section of the class and we ask that everyone signs up for a day that works for them. You will simply show up, sign the waiver, take your required shots, and if everything is great, receive your certificate. Please continue to the schedule page to schedule your day. 

Online Video

Instead of an in person class, we will be switching to an online video format for the time being. You may watch the lesson on your time, take notes, and re-watch as much as you need or want. Please be sure to have fully watched and understand fully before your assigned range day.


Meet up at the Black Diamond Armory store at 5:30 for the live shoot!

Black Diamond Armory

115 South Main Street
Stewartville, MN 55976

Please read the instructions on this page first before proceeding.

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