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Bill HF 2609 - banning of binary triggers passed the house

Minnesota House has just passed bill HF 2609 which includes the banning of binary triggers among a few other unconstitutional gun laws.

Thank you to Right 2 Defend for keeping us up to date and informed on the legal side of the gun laws currently trying to pass in Minnesota. Please subscribe to their mailing list also, they have been a huge help keeping our gun rights intact behind the scenes and in the courts for the past while now, show them some love.

Now the bill will move to the Minnesota Senate where it will be voted on there. If it passes the senate, you bet your bottom dollar Walz will sign it into law. If it is to be law it will go into effect January 1st 2025. We will be forced to no longer sell them after that point, so feel free to get them while you still can.

Thank you



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