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Just in 5-16-24 Big Iron Little Iron

Howdy yall! We got a BIG piece in today and its begging for your attention and something a little smaller for deep concealment.

We are slowing down a little bit so there isnt a whole lot of new things going on this week but we got some fun things planned for the near future.

The AR of the Week deal is ending to make way for a broader encompassing Deals of the Week. Simply put, more deals for more things, not just for ARs. You will be seeing pistols, shotguns, rifles, optics, combo packages, and more. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the goodies first.

New Handguns, Big Iron

First up, the Smith and Wesson 460 XVR 8.3" compensated barrel chambered in 460 S&W revolver. This massive piece demands your attention, its large and in charge! We even got a whole case of 460 S&W JHP rounds at $22 per box just for this. Sporting adjustable sights, a hair trigger, and great contoured rubber grips.

On the shelf now for $1529

New Handguns, Little Iron

Next we got another Smith & Wesson revolver, the 632UC chambered in 32 H&R magnum. This little guy packs a 6rd cylinder, night sights, a beautiful laminate grip, and stainless matte finish. If you're in the market for a deep concealment revolver chambered in a hard hitting but soft recoil gun, this is a strong strong choice.

On the shelf now for $629

Last chance for the AR of the Week!

Sneak peak of the kick-ass 8.6 Blackout custom build we are doing!

Restock of EPC-9 lowers

back in stock, ready to be built into a 9mm AR!

Cool knives!

We have an assortment of Out The Front knives in store

Microtech Ram Lock is in the house! Get a $25 gift card with purchase. Ends 5-31-24, 1 available

That should be all for today, stop in for a custom built AR15 sometime soon. If you have read this far, get 50% off any red dot either in store or special order with purchase of a complete AR. Limit 1 red dot per AR. Ends 6-30-24.




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