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NEW Athlon Thermal scopes!

Athlon has announced and released their thermal scopes just recently. As per tradition, Athlon makes high quality products at very reasonable prices, easily punching above their price point. The thermal scopes are no different.

The entry level thermal, the Cronus 35-400 is already better than the mid range Pulsar thermals for $800 less. Compare to Pulsar Thermion XQ35. Athlon’s entry into thermal optics starts with the Cronus ATS 35-400. This thermal riflescope combines the perfect balance of features and performance, without breaking the bank. 12µ pixel pitch paired with a 1440p display provides a High Definition experience. 6 color palettes, really sensitive thermal sensor, WiFi connection to your phone through the Athlon App, OLED display, auto records when it senses a shot fired, and comes with rings/rubber eyepiece/carry case. Also features some of the best battery management you can get, sporting an internal battery, AND external battery, AND ALSO type-C external battery bank connection. That's 3 batteries at once.

The mid range Athlon is the Cronus 50-400 which ups the objective lens to 50mm but retaining the 400x300 sensor size. This means it will be very practical and usable at distances typical around us in southern MN and much more. This one is the sweet spot of price vs performance and will get the job done with ease.

At the top of the line up is the Cronus 50-640. Still has the monster 50mm objective lens but now has the 640x480 sensor size that is default for all the top end thermal scopes on the market. For those that have money to burn and need the best image possible. Same specs and still cheaper than Pulsar's top by a lot.

Right now we are offering pre-orders since we don't yet have the inventory in store and don't know how many we need of each. We are offering $200 off the shelf price if you want to slap down a non-refundable deposit to put your name on one.

The 35-400 will be $2799 shelf price, this deal puts it at $2599

The 50-400 will be $3099 shelf price, this deal puts it at $2899

The 50-640 will be $4199 shelf price, this deal puts it at $3999

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