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Special in store deal on Winchester SXP and Wildcat!

We got a great little special going on now in store with addition of a rebate!

All Winchester SXP and Wildcats are now 10% off and ALSO qualify for an additional 10% rebate

That means you get it the whole thing for 20% off after the rebate. We have a several of each in store with more coming. There are a TON of variations of the SXP so if we don't have just the right one in store, please stop in and lets get one ordered and take advantage of the good deal.

What is a Winchester Wildcat?

Well I am glad you asked. The Wildcat is a Ruger 10/22 offshoot that takes the robust receiver and magazines and puts it in a smaller lighter chassis that both looks good and performs good. The included pic rail makes mounting a red dot easy, comes with peep sights from the factory, and even takes 10/22 magazines.

On the shelf for $239, both the threaded barrel and the RED DOT UNCLUDED models. Come in store for 10% off then an additional 10% rebate.

Winchester Wildcat with Red dot

The Winchester Wildcat is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle designed for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting. Here are the highlights of the Winchester Wildcat:

1. Semi-Automatic Action: The Wildcat features a semi-automatic action, allowing for rapid and continuous shooting without manual cycling between shots.

2. Caliber: It is chambered in .22 LR, a popular and affordable rimfire cartridge known for its low recoil and versatility.

3. Capacity: The Wildcat comes with a detachable magazine, typically holding 10 rounds of .22 LR ammunition, providing ample capacity for plinking and target shooting sessions.

4. Accuracy: The rifle is equipped with a precision button-rifled barrel, contributing to excellent accuracy and consistency, making it suitable for target shooting and small game hunting.

5. Adjustable Features: Some models of the Wildcat come with adjustable sights and a Picatinny rail for mounting optics, allowing shooters to customize their setup for improved accuracy and performance.

Winchester Wildcat

6. Lightweight and Maneuverable: The Wildcat is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, making it suitable for shooters of all ages and experience levels.

7. Affordability: With its affordable price point and cost-effective .22 LR ammunition, the Winchester Wildcat offers excellent value for those looking for a reliable and fun rimfire rifle.

Overall, the Winchester Wildcat is a versatile and reliable semi-automatic rimfire rifle suitable for plinking, target shooting, and small game hunting. Its affordability, accuracy, and ease of use make it a popular choice among rimfire enthusiasts.

What is a Winchester SXP?

The Winchester SXP (Super X Pump) is a popular shotgun known for its reliability, speed, and versatility. Here are the highlights of the Winchester SXP:

1. Fast Pump Action: The SXP features a smooth and fast pump action, allowing for quick follow-up shots and reliable cycling of various loads.

Winchester SXP

2. Inertia-Assisted Action: Some models of the SXP come with Winchester's inertia-assisted action, reducing felt recoil and enhancing shooting comfort.

3. Durable Construction: The shotgun is built with a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy receiver, making it suitable for rugged use in various conditions.

4. Variety of Models: The SXP is available in multiple configurations, including field models for hunting, tactical models for self-defense, and sporting models for clay shooting and competitions.

Winchester SXP 28"
Winchester SXP 28"

5. Barrel Options: Winchester offers SXP models with different barrel lengths and configurations, allowing shooters to choose based on their intended use, whether it's hunting, home defense, or sport shooting.

6. Interchangeable Chokes: Many SXP models come with interchangeable choke tubes, providing versatility for different shooting scenarios and target distances.

7. Affordable Price: The Winchester SXP offers excellent value for its performance and features, making it a popular choice among shotgun enthusiasts and hunters.

Overall, the Winchester SXP combines a fast and reliable pump action with durable construction and a variety of configurations, making it suitable for a wide range of shooting applications, from hunting to home defense and sporting clays.

Winchester SXP Trap 32"
Winchester SXP Trap 32"
Winchester SXP


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