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Just in 4/18/24 Uppers and Lowers and Cans oh my!

Hello all and thank you for joining me in taking a look at all the new Freedom Dispensers we have on the shelf this week.

Many new uppers, lowers, handguns, and suppressors to look at, feel free to get ahold of us or stop in and pick something up.



First up, a fairly fancy Browning Buckmark Camper with 5.5" barrel, 22lr. Great shooting target and plinking gun, but I expect squirrels and others won't stand a chance either.

On the shelf for $449.99, stop in the store for a better deal, just show us this post!

Browning Buckmark camper

On the opposite end, we have the new Rock Island 1911 Tac Ultra 5" double stack 10mm threaded barrel. This giant hand cannon is large, heavy, and means business. Great G10 grips, albeit large, comes with flared magwell, accessory rail, and threaded barrel to install a comp or suppressor.

On the shelf for $775

Bawler on a budget time, the Taurus GX4XL is a long slide version of the very popular and really quite good GX4. Packs a great trigger, 10+1/12+1 mags, optics ready, and slim enough for conceal carry.

On the shelf for $369.99


On the shelf today is the extremely good value Aero Precision Lahar-30 suppressor. This .30 cal can is made of stainless steel and inconel for max performance, lightweight, and is HUB compatible to use with any of your favorite quick detach options. It checks every checkbox anyone will ever need or want while only being $629. Great suppressor, great quality, great price point especially if you are wanting your first.

ON THE SHELF NOW $629, just the 1 available, more coming soon.

Let me reiterate that it is on the shelf, paperwork takes 30 minutes, and the approval takes LESS THAN A WEEK.


Just put together a rather enhanced build:

Sons Of Liberty Gun Works upper receiver, Ballistic Advantage 16" 5.56 midlength modern series, and Midwest Industries 15" M series handguard.

We have a rather cantankerous 9mm pistol build as well, Pro2A upper/lower with 6" 9mm barrel, tank muzzle brake. On the shelf for $759


We are adding yet even more premium brand options to the shelf! Now on the shelf is BCM enhanced lower parts kit as well as Daniel Defense lower parts kit as well as their charging handle. More Radian parts coming soon in addition to their Raptor SD charging handles that have already been on the shelf.

Buy for yourself or have us build you a lower with these parts.


Let's run through the list of benefits!

  • 15% off in-store ammo, no purchase limits during shortages*

  • Take UP TO 8% off all Firearms, Complete Uppers, and Lowers with opportunities for more discounts!

  • FREE Transfers

  • 25% off all knives and self defense items in the cutlery corner.

  • Free Conceal Carry class with at least 1 year commitment.

  • 10% off weapon cases

  • One(1) free gun cleaning per month

  • One(1) free optic mounting + boresight per month

  • 50% off Armory labor charges

  • Plenty of free BDA logo stickers

  • Get to vote on what firearms we should get on the shelf next!

  • Get one(1) free entry into the next raffle. Only one(1) during initial sign up.

  • Get invited into the Black Diamond Armory Buyer's Group on Facebook


Minnesota introduced yet another bill take strip away our rights.

SF 5153


Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Violent Crime Enforcement Teams gun trafficking investigations and firearms seizures report requirement, trigger activator definition modification, and penalties increase for transferring certain firearms to persons who are ineligible to possess firearms.

A ban on certain triggers and binary triggers

Get those binary triggers while you still can I guess....sad day

That should wrap it up for now, thanks for checking us out. Same bad time, same bad spelling next Thursday!

Thank you for your support!



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