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Just in for 4/11/24 More guns AND CANNONS! New guns and New Optics

Updated: Apr 12

We are on week 2 of I don't know how long it's going to be of being grounded from Facebook, so right off the rip we would appreciate you share this post on your Facebook!

Make sure to share this post on Facebook for us! Screenshot that you shared it and we will send you a $15 giftcard.

Email the screenshot to

To get in quick contact with us, we have added a chat box on to our website so you can quick chat with us now.


Starting out with something new and cool, we are partnering with a local golf ball cannon maker to start selling canons in store now. Lets go Brandon keeps on lying about how the 2nd amendment didn't include cannons when it was written. Well guess what bub, cannons were most definitely included since cannons played a major role in over throwing the tea guzzling brits. Tell Brandon where to stick his lies as you come in and pick up your very own canon today! Albeit just a golf ball cannon but heck, its a lot of fun! Comes with a starter kit with everything you need and instructions to boot.

On the shelf for $530

Golf Ball Canon


Just a couple today, the Ruger Super Wrangler in black. 4.75" barrel, 22lr and comes with the 22 magnum cylinder to choose your round. Single Six action makes for easy and fun plinking with the included adjustable stights.

On the shelf for $269

Ruger Super Wrangler

Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 in 10mm. This full size beast boasts all the creature comforts to comfortable take down creatures coming after you, often used as the go-to for bear country. Optics ready, flat faced great trigger, red dot height sights, large grip, great stippling, 15+1 capacity. Is big, it barks, and it bites thanks to the really good ballistics of the 10mm round.

On the shelf for $589

Smith and Wesson 10mm M&P 2.0

We also got another Canik METE SFX 5.25" in as well. Didn't bother taking a picture, you know what it is, you know you want one, just come in and get you won't be disappointed.

On the shelf for $519


We are officially welcoming the Meprolight M22 to our always in stock roster! The M22 is much like the Trijicon ACOG, it does not have batteries rather it relies on optic fiber and tritium to have a 24/7/365 always on reticle that takes in ambient light to brighten or use the internal tritium for when its dark. Very sexy housing, strong, and battle tested since they are currently mounted on the top of the Israeli Defense Force rifles right now spreading peace in the middle east.

They look great on top of ARs, and they can even be used in conjunction with magnifiers.

Check out Meprolight's website here for even more info

On the shelf for $449

Display of Meprolight M22 Optic


We added a few ARs and uppers to the wall, stop and check em out!

FDE AR15 Upper and Black Lower
UTG Pro AR15 build with Ballistic Advantage barrel
300 Blackout pistol assembled upper
6.5 Grendel Assembled Upper with Ballistic Advantage barrel


We carry a decently sized collection of custom, collector, and handmade knifes in the shop. SOG, Microtech, Al Mar, Condor, Beretta, and much more.

Custom and Collector knives


We got 2 cases of PMC 5.56 XTAC ready to go, $549 per case or $0.55 per round. (mention this post at check out for another $20 off the case)

Case of 1000 PMC Xtac


We need to thin our shotguns down a little to make room for more ARs.

From 4/11/24 through 4/20/24, we are running a 10% off all in store new shotguns.

If its on the shelf, and new, take 10% off at check out. Also we will throw in a free box of 12ga Rio trap loads because why not.

Rack of shotguns in store

Very quick list of what is here, I'm writing this from memory though

Citadel 410 lever action

Remington 870 slug 12ga

Remington 870 12ga smooth 28"

MAC 1014 breacher 12ga (Benelli M4 clone)

Winchester SXP 12ga 3 various styles

Mossberg 500 12ga slug and smooth barrel combo

Pointer O/U 12ga

Impala Plus 12ga semi auto

Mossberg Maverick 12ga smooth 28"

I think that should do it for this week so far, I would have advertised the AR of the Week but that's gone already, oops.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Arms Dealer, Michael, signing off.

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