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Just in 4/5/2024 More toys and less Facebook

We got put in Facebook jail yet again so now we can't post anything at all AND we cant send or receive facebook messages. Screw em, we will start our own facebook with blackjack and hookers! Well not really but that would be way cooler.

Make sure to share this post on facebook for us! Tag us on the post or screenshot that you shared it and we will send you a $15 giftcard.

Email the screenshot to

To get in quick contact with us, we have added a chat box on to our website so you can quick chat with us now.

Lets walk through some new toys and things we got!

Still got 1 more AR of the Week!


A legendary and popular conceal carry gun is back on the shelf.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP, 9mm, optic ready, U notch night sights, great ergonomic grip, good trigger, great reliability, and its the Gear Up package so it comes with a range bag and 5 total mags. This model has a two tone scheme, black and titanium.

On the shelf for $549, mention this post and get it for $499 instead!

Taurus 627 Tracker is back yet again! 357 magnum, 4" barrel, ported barrel, rubber grips, adjustable iron sights, 7rd cylinder. Such a great quality, great value piece, the perfect entry drug into the wheel gun world.

On the shelf for $499

If the need for an affordable and reliable gun arises, the new Smith & Wesson SD9 2.0 fits that bill perfect. Full size, 9mm, good quality from head to toe and great reliability thanks to the quality manufacturing of Smith. Excellent value!

On the shelf for $299

The kind of conceal carry is back on the shelf! Sig Sauer P365 X Macro. 17+1 of 9mm, very slim compact package, optic ready, night sights, great everything. Its just great. Buy it, you won't regret it.

On the shelf for $669

Glock 47 MOS. 9mm Full size. The 47 is almost identical to the 17 but has a truncated dust cover so that it allows you to put 19 slides on top. Also optics ready.

Its a Glock, legendary performance, legendary quality, legendary reliability.

On the shelf now for $649. Mention this post for $20 off.


More .223! On the shelf for $12.49 for a box of 20. Mention this post and get it for $11 per box instead!

Want to save on ammo all the time? Join the BDA Armory Club and become a member! You save 15% on all ammo in store! Yes that also includes ordering ammo. Basically we are your ammo depot for the best prices. In addition take off up to 8% on all firearms, free transfers, and other good deals wrapped up in the club.

Its time.

You need it.

Don't argue with me.

You need a 1919a1.

Chambered in 308, takes links.

Comes with tripod and buttstock.

Stop in to the shop and pick it up, you'll love it.

Its only $5999, see you soon.

Pick up a hoodie, help out your local gun shop, we appreciate the support!

We constantly get in new accessories, gadgets and gizmos all the time, make sure you stop in the shop at some point and lets get your AR upgraded, then lets look at your kit. You need a battle belt for the range and maybe even a plate carrier.

See you soon, thanks all!



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