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Just in 4/25/24 Fancy new toys, TTI Combat, Custom Cerakote and more

Welcome back to another week of slinging the 2️⃣🅰 stuff you crave. Us here at Black Diamond Armory love to see new and exciting things but really enjoy sharing our findings. Read on to discover the hidden treasures in our humble little shop.


Its time my friends, the Canik TTI Combat is here! At least in limited quantities, it's kinda popular right now. Do I even have to try to sell you on it? 5.25" barrel, built in ported barrel with built comp, crazy good slide serrations, optic ready, ambi slide release with deep cuts, stippling hugs your hand better than your own mother, big ol case, and extended aluminum base plate mag. Honestly good job Canik, you did well.

On the shelf for $1199

Canik TTI Combat

You probably wish you had a Staccato at some point right? Well us too, sadly we aren't dealers for them and even if we were, boy are they spendy. Thankfully MAC has stepped up to the plate to make a 2011 copy that is only the smallest inch away from being as good as a Staccato 2011.

The MAC 9 DS is a double stack 9mm 1911 that boasts a great polymer grip with integrated flared magwell, accessories rail, superb iron sights (like so superb goddamn I like them), PHENOMINAL trigger, and of course is optic ready out of the box. Coming in at less than half the price, you will be hard pressed in finding enough differences to justify not going with the MAC 9 DS.

On the shelf now for $999


Everyone needs a rock solid rifle for around the farm, coyote control, or just to have.

The Ruger American Gen II is here to keep you company. Boasting a 20" barrel that is heavy spiral fluted and threaded, a lightweight composite stock with splatter paint, a very robust rubber buttplate, a trigger that deserves your attention and admiration, and an action that is smooth and easy to operate. Chambered in the ever popular, ever versatile 308 win.

On the shelf now for $599

Ruger American Gen II 308



Right now until May 12th, get 10% rebate on all Winchester SXP shotguns and Wildcat rifles! We have a selection in store but if you need a specific one we will happily order for you.

!!!PLUS!!! We are ALSO doing 10% off in store in addition to the rebate.

That means SXP and Wildcats are 20% off right now after rebate!

winchester rebate

Winchester SXP defender 12ga in OD Green. Solidly made, solid feeling, great action and trigger, fiber optic front sight. Perfect home defense gun right here.

On the shelf for $299, until May 12th get 10% off at the register then another 10% rebate!

Winchester SXP Defender

Winchester Wildcat with the Midnight camo. Fantastic little 22 that is the perfect size for kiddos and adults alike. Comes stock with peep sights, pic rail, and threaded barrel. Takes 10/22 mags.

On the shelf for $239, until May 12th get 10% off at the register then another 10% rebate!

Winchester Wildcat midnight


We got two SKS on the shelf now. First one is Norinco, really good condition overall with only minor signs of wear, all matching numbers, and includes bayonet.

On the shelf now for $600

Norinco SKS

The next one is a Yugo that was bought in the late 80's. This one is the grenadier model that also includes the bayonet. All matching numbers, still has the factory cosmoline on it from the 80's. This is as close to perfect as one can get!

On the shelf now for $700

Yugo SKS


Its the MilGlockee, what more can I say? Glock 19 gen 5 with a custom cerakote and laser engraving to look like Milwaukee tools. Comes with matching mag, stippled grip, and cerakoted everything. This may not be one of a kind but one of vey few for sure!

On the shelf now for $1100

Milwaukee Glock

Bond Arms Stinger 22lr derringer with custom laser engrave work! Add this beautifully engraved handgun to your collection to show off your fancy side.

On the shelf for $525

Bond Arms Laser Engraved

Time for some potatoes with the meat. Aero Precison Thunder Ranch edition custom cerakote AR15. Beautiful tiger stripe cerakote and solid colors. Sporting a Ballistic Advantage 18" heavy fluted premium barrel, Aero nickel boron BCG, B5 Systems furniture, and of course the Thunder Ranch edition skeletonized lower. Comes with matching mag.

On the shelf now for $1500

Thunder Ranch Custom Cerakote

One more! This Aero Precision AR10 has been customer cerakote and laser engraved with duotone camo with engraved dot matrix pattern. This is a 14.5" pin and welded 308 with a nice modern series Ballistic Advantage barrel, Aero black nitride BCG, and magpul furniture. Its a heck of a set up, and a heck of a paint job!

On the shelf now for $1700

Aero 308 custom cerakote

Don't forget about suppressors!

We got in another Aero Precison Lahar-30 in the store. I just want to let you know that from submitting the paperwork to getting approved is averaging 2 days! We have had 6 more suppressors approved from last week and this week. Come talk suppressors with us!

On the shelf for $629

Lahar 30

Did you know we have a membership program to save you 15% on ammo and up to 8% off all firearms!?

Check out all the cool benefits and get signed up today, you would be supporting your favorite local small business arms dealer and be getting good deals along the way.


Last note, we should be getting our Facebook back beginning of May, so moving forward we will be posting family friendly content only! Of course it will be cryptic and actually we are talking about guns, screw facebook and their oppressive rules.


See you in the store soon! Find me and tell me the codeword "summer squash" for a free $15 gift card, just for fun!




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